Which Type of Lawyer Is Right For Your Case?

Many people do not realize that there are different types of lawyers. While some can do more than one form of legal work, it is usually best to find an attorney who specializes in different types of cases.

Here are the most common types of lawyers:

  1. Family Lawyers: Issues of concern involve divorce, marriage, prenuptial agreements, adoption, custody, wills, trusts and probate issues.

  1. Civil Lawyers: Cases deal with individuals and their rights. These lawyers only handle civil matters because civil law is very specific and requires careful study.

  1. Corporate Lawyers: Work is done on behalf of corporations to contracts, agreements, and customer complaints.

  1. Real Estate Lawyers: Realtors and buyers often need representation to ensure the proper sale of homes and property. These attorneys can also be called upon to assist in setting up trusts that include large amounts of property.

  1. Criminal Lawyers: These attorneys deal with criminal charges and can be either on the side of the prosecution or of the defense. This sort of attorney typically deals with criminal law only, as it is a very specialized field.

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