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Best Time Management Practices for Lawyers

David Bjornson shares 5 effective strategies in time management for lawyers. There’s no doubt that lawyers live a very hectic life. Everyday they face the battle of surviving their daily tasks. Breakthroughs in technology have brought many innovations that help in…
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The Top 5 MBTI Personality Types Found in Lawyers

David Bjornson talks about the different types of Myers-Briggs Type Indicator in lawyers. The Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is an assessment that measures psychological preferences in how people see the world and make decisions. According to the Myers-Briggs test, there…
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Information Technology in Law Firms

David Bjornson talks about the advantages and disadvantages of using information technology in law firms. Technology grows rapidly and new technology is developed every day as old outdated ones become obsolete. Technology makes our work easier and more efficient, we…
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