The cost of a great lawyer

David Bjornson talks about the cost of a great lawyer. Finding a good lawyer can be a difficult task. You have to expect of your lawyer as he would be the only person who can help you win the case. Consider that you have to pay accordingly for their quality and know how they are going to bill you.

Hiring a lawyer can be expensive. It will cost you more if you don’t have a full understanding of how they are going to bill you before you sign a contract with them. These are the following factors that you must consider before hiring a lawyer:

Billing Method

Billing in this industry is  done hourly. This means that most of the time, the lawyer’s fee will depend on the amount of time they spend working on your case.  A particular lawyer’s hourly rate will depend on other factors such as their experience, law firm size and prestige.

Lawyers may also be billed based on a flat fee basis for certain services, such as corporate formations, will and trademark filing. Flat fee billing do not vary based on the number of hours because the fee is arranged and often paid upfront, other factors depend on what kind of case the lawyer is going to fix.

Law Firm Size and Prestige

Typically, lawyers from larger and more prestigious law firms cost more than the smaller ones so the reputation and size of the law firm where the lawyer works is a very important factor that will affect the cost. If you are dealing with a complicated matter, it may be more expensive if you work with a larger firm, otherwise, you may be better off working with a solo practitioner.

Lawyer Cost Based on Experience

A good lawyer’s cost is related to how many years the lawyer has been practicing his/her profession. Like fine wine, lawyers get better with more years they practice their profession. A lawyer that has been practicing his profession for many years will be highly knowledgeable and will have a high level of expertise in one or more fields of law. According to the law of supply and demand, hiring an experienced lawyer costs more as well.

Asking about lawyer’s cost is a very important issue that other people will want to find out about before dealing with one. However, there is no definite answer. Although most of the scenarios will end up having to pay more, a good service needs a good cost.

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