Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Information Technology in Law Firms

David Bjornson talks about the advantages and disadvantages of using information technology in law firms. Technology grows rapidly and new technology is developed every day as old outdated ones become obsolete. Technology makes our work easier and more efficient, we must know the advantages and disadvantages of using technology. We must consider how to use it properly and to prevent the negative effects on our daily lives..  


1. Data Storage and Protection

Case information no longer has to be a pile of paper and instead should be stored in storage devices for efficiency. Information technology creates electronic storage systems to protect your valuable records; which means that whenever you accidentally lose your documents, you have backup data in your electronic storage system.

2. Manual to Digital Process

Information technology improves efficiency by developing manual or sluggish processes to a faster automated process that takes the burden off your clients.

3. Work Externally

This accessibility allows you to increase your productivity because you can still get work done even when you aren’t physically in the office.

4. Communications

Technology gives you the resources you need to communicate quickly and effectively. Technology transactions between lawyer and client would be easier with email, video conferencing equipment, and internal chat rooms.


1. Implementation Expenses

You must consider the startup cost when implementing any type of information technology system. It may cause a certain malfunction if you have no knowledge of the exact implementation you want to acquire.

2. Maintenance

Although basic information technology systems may be user-friendly, advanced programs still require formal instruction by an expert consultant. In addition to the basic expenses, information technology systems are expensive to maintain.

3. Job Elimination

Implementing information technology into these kinds of operations can save a great deal of time during the completion of daily tasks. Paperwork is processed immediately, and financial transactions are automatically calculated while employees who are responsible for paperwork can be eliminated.

4. Security Breaches

Although information technology systems allow you to manage at a faster pace, they are not without their flaws. Systems are still vulnerable to security breaches, especially when they are usable via the Internet. This makes them prone to people who have knowledge about hacking.

Although the advantages are applicable to this field, you might also want to be prepared for the effects of the disadvantages that will cause unexpected malfunctions to your business.

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