5 Mistakes Law Firms Make on their Website

Your website is likely going to be your best advanced advertising channel this year. To enhance its adequacy, revise the accompanying slip-ups.

1. Not Putting Your Contact Details on Display

Hiding your phone number is something that you wouldn’t want to do in this era of smartphone users. It would be best to place your contact details in the upper-right corner of your site. The inability to position your contact details in an easy-to-locate area would hinder your audience from instantly reaching you.

2. Randomly Capitalizing Words

We no longer spell words with unnecessary letters appended to them. So how about we stop haphazardly capitalizing legal terms.

3. Summarizing Your Bio

Since it is now common practice for people to research first before doing business, it is vital to keep a detailed bio that highlights all your key strengths and achievements.

4. Using Too Much Legal Jargon

A lot of people hate encounters with law websites that use too much legal jargon. Instead of attracting clients, it prevents you from connecting with them. These exceedingly specialized terms tend to confuse readers.

5. Being Too Vague

Saying that your firm handles general practice means nothing to anyone without any legal training. It does nothing for your prospects and frankly speaking, no general practice lawyer does it all. Don’t sell yourself short and use your website to advertise what you actually want to do.

The most effective way to connect with prospective clients through your website is to sit down and reflect on what they would want to hear from you before you meet them in person. Formulate that in a clear, succinct and pleasant manner and your website will eventually start getting more leads.

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